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A few people overlook the additional benefits that curtains and blinds bring to a home. Installing indoor blinds and curtains provides us not only with the basic sunlight protection we need, but they also serve an essential purpose. They can help gather or block all the dust coming in, improve home or office privacy and enhance our home’s appearance.

Bicton Blinds and Curtains offer a wide range of indoor blinds and curtains, and other modern window furnishings that will suit your preferences and the interior design of your home.

Before choosing indoor blinds and curtains for your home, you must understand how they work first. Let’s start discussing the various types of curtains and their designs.

Variety of Curtain Styles

Curtains are also a necessary feature to enhance the appearance of your home. Our excellent privacy curtain sand sun blocking curtains bring out the true beauty of your home’s interior design while complementing your colour theme preferences.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains effectively block out the sunlight that enters your home or a room. It is perfect, especially if you live in a high rise apartment with direct sunlight. And it is a practical window curtain that can also be a luxury feature of a home. To avoid the room looking stuffy, choose a light shade option for these sun blocking curtains. These curtains can also be used as thermal curtains, as they effectively insulate the interiors against the sun’s heat. Blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms, guest rooms, and home theatres.

Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains are a timeless drapery style that will enhance contemporary or traditional home interior design. This type of interior curtain is made with thicker fabrics, available in various pleated designs, such as pencil pleated curtains, goblet pleated curtains, pinch pleated curtains, and box pleat curtains.

Double Curtains

Double curtains are a type of privacy curtain that gives your windows a two dimensional appearance and allows you to mix and match the different coloured curtains or fabric variations. These curtain styles are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Valance Curtains

A valance curtain is a decorative window covering that can add a touch of class and elegance to your home window furnishings. Valance curtains are short window coverings that hang at the top of the window. That is why it is perfect for kitchen windows, media rooms/cinema rooms, and living room windows. They are also versatile because they are available in various styles, including pleated, shirred, ruffled, and flat.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are translucent window treatments that are light and soft touch to your home while providing daytime privacy and diffusing the light coming in through the window. Sheer curtains are also great for layering with other window coverings, such as blackout blinds behind curtains or plantation shutters with curtains.

Custom made Curtains

Custom made curtains are window shades or curtains made to your specifications, which means you can choose your materials, colours, measurements, and style for these custom curtains.

Bicton Blinds and Curtains also provide other types of window coverings or window shades for your home. Window blinds are one of them, and you might want to consider installing window blinds and shades in your home. We are happy to inform you that we provide blind installation services in Bicton and throughout the Perth metropolitan region. Here are the various types of blinds that you may consider.

Various Types of Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a traditional window treatment option. This window shade can provide a classic aspect to your home and block unwanted light from entering the room. Venetian blinds are available with a tilt cord or wand to adjust the angle of the slats. They are also available with various lift options, including cordless or motorised blinds.

Blackout Blinds

The unique features of blackout blinds effectively help control the temperature within your house. When the sun is up firmly in the summer, blackout blinds provide complete UV protection for you and the interior of your home, and you can roll them down to prevent solar rays from entering your home. And during the cooler months, they can also trap warmth inside your room. You can add an automation system to your blackout blinds for that hassle free remote control operation.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are also called roller shades and have a feature that allows roller blinds to let in light but block the view of an outsider peeking inside your house. Also, roller blinds work well with other window coverings. If you want the softness of your sheer curtains in your bedroom and you want to have a better night’s sleep, a blackout roller blind behind curtains is an excellent option.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are made with vertical vanes instead of horizontal slats and are an excellent option for large windows with full length glazing, sliding or twofold doors. Also, vertical blinds are good at controlling strong sunlight entering your home, providing privacy and are easy to operate.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are window shades made of a single fabric that fold into pleats. There are various fabric options for roman blinds so that you can find the perfect blind style for your home. We offer made to measure blinds or bespoke blinds for these window coverings. Roman blinds are an ideal pairing with curtains for added warmth and style.

Are you looking for blind installation services that can complement your home’s style while providing total privacy? Or, do you intend to replace or upgrade your window blinds and shades? Besides the options mentioned above, Bicton Blinds and Curtains can also supply and install a variety of blind styles, including temporary blinds or paper blinds, sheer blinds, café blinds, and patio blinds for sliding glass or patio doors.

How do you dress and design your windows to complement the aesthetics of your interior space? Of course, the window treatments or coverings you choose should be pleasing to the eyes and complement your home’s interior design. Also, you are selecting curtains, drapes, or blinds that can give your home a traditional or contemporary look. So, how about the hardware?

Do you intend to replace your curtains or install new ones? Include window treatments & hardware, such as curtain rods, curtain holdbacks, curtain rings, and clips. Are you looking for a business near me to repair or replace your blind hardware, such as drawstring blinds or blind wand tilters and other concerns? Blinds and Curtains Bicton can supply and install window treatments &hardware for your blinds and curtains.

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