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You Can Achieve Automated Privacy by Bicton Blinds and Curtains!
Nowadays, technology is also improving or upgrading. That’s why when it comes to modern window furnishings, smart blinds and curtains or motorised window shades have become an essential feature for home and office automation systems.
Make your home smart and efficient with the help of professionals at Blinds and Curtains Bicton. Whether you intend to install new curtains and blinds or upgrade existing ones, they can help you install chain free, remote controlled, motorised blinds and curtains or automated shades.
So, if you’re looking for a professional installer of a smart home automation business near me, you’ve come to the right place. Our automation professionals at Bicton Blinds and Curtains are ready to help with your needs.
You can operate your window shades in an instant, from anywhere and at any time. Control your blinds or curtains without looking up from what you’re doing, whether you’re cooking or on a couch watching television.
Do you love new ideas or methods? Motorised or Automated window treatments can help ease your lifestyle, and they’re the ideal final step towards achieving the smart home of your dreams. But is it worth upgrading your standard window shades to motorised or smart window treatments? Listed below are the answers.
When referring to power blinds and shades, “automated” and “motorised” are often interchanged. However, these two words have different meanings and capabilities. To ensure that you have the features you need, you must first understand the distinctions.

What is Motorised Window Treatment?

Motorised window treatments are blinds or shades operated by a motor. They can be battery operated or hardwired. You can control your motorised blinds and curtains using the remote control, wall switch, or pushbutton wand. Motorised window treatments are perfect for windows that are difficult to access immediately, such as blinds and curtains behind a couch.
What types of window treatments can be motorised? The possible options are listed below:

Automated Window Treatments

Likewise, automated window treatments contain motors, which can be battery powered or hardwired but automatically programmed through a smart home automation system. This system or app connects to your home’s WiFi network and links to your powered window coverings, allowing you to manage them with voice commands like Alexa, Siri or Google Home through a WiFi connection.
Automated window treatments are particularly impressive because they can be programmed to operate in specific settings or parameters. You can programme your window coverings to open and close automatically when the sun rises and sets. Or, you can automate your shades to lower automatically as the light reaches the windows to control glare and UV rays that will help your home be more energy efficient. Also, automation window covering helps to protect your flooring and furniture from fading due to continuous sun exposure.
Do you want complete privacy? Even while you’re on vacation, you can use programmable timers to manage your window coverings, to raise and lower themselves automatically while you’re away; also giving the illusion that someone is moving around your house. If you think someone is spying on you on your property, the movement of the blinds or shades may scare them away.
The Benefits of Installing Motorised and Automated Window Treatments
It is totally up to you to control your window treatments if you choose a smart home automation system. You can select by remote control, a Smartphone, or voice control. Our smart home automation specialists will professionally install and set up your window coverings, similar to buying a computer and having a professional set it up for you. And if you have any questions or concerns, Blinds and Curtains Bicton is only a phone call away!
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